• Room of Voices

    Room of Voices brand new album fusing world music and electronica.
    Digital Release Date: July 23rd, 2017!

    Also available on Vinyl

  • Mingo Lewis

    Mingo Lewis is a renowned
    percussionist, drummer and composer.
    He started performing live at the age of six.
    He has recorded and played with
    some of the most influential musicians
    of the 20th century and also has
    performed on over 175 albums or CDs
    with artist such as Santana, Chick Corea,
    Return to Forever, The Tubes, Al Di Meola,
    David Byrne, Joe Satriani, Brian Eno,
    James Brown, Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren,
    Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and many others.

  • Karissa Gallo

    From vocals and theremin
    to a wide range of keyboards, synthesizers, and

    electronic percussion instruments

    Karissa Soundsapien takes listeners on a journey
    through the illuminating sounds of

    Room Of Voices. She writes lyrics and

    brings a unique perspective to the music.


    Mingo Lewis

    Karissa Gallo

  • Al Di Meola

    Playing guitar on lead track, Casbah,

    Al Di Meola reunites with Mingo Lewis

    co-creating an incredible fusion of

    electronic, world, fusion music together

    in Room of Voices new album Casbah!

    Al Di Meola



    Take a listen!

    A sample of all the different tracks on Room of Voices new album Casbah!



    Calling Out

    I Got You

    Mirror Mirror

    The Tomb

    Lost Off Shore

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