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    MKMUSIC is an independent label created by Mingo Lewis and Karissa Gallo, promoting live music and new music platforms via social media and virtual reality. Our goal is to be known for our creative vision, and supporting our audiences with great music, exciting performance, and really creative new media. Through this work MKMUSIC will serve people less fortunate than ourselves and creating a lasting positive impact on people through spreading the joy of our music, and through the messages we share, and the actions we take to make a difference in other peoples lives, and in the world.

    People + Planet + Prosperity

    MKMusic is an independent record label featuring sounds from around the world. The label was founded by Mingo Lewis and Karissa Gallo, and encompasses a diverse range of musical projects and styles including electronic music, world music, funk, trance music, latin, reggae, film and tv soundtracks and much more.

    MKMUSIC is an artist-centric independent music label designed to showcase the music of Mingo Lewis, Karissa Gallo and their musical friends and collaborators.


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